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Why did you start your business? Probably had something to do with financial freedom or having more time to be with your family or being in control of your life. If that is not the reality you are living today, I am here to tell you it is all due to one thing – Bad Habits! Being an entrepreneur is tough and if you compound that with your own bad habits you will create the perfect storm that could capsize your entire business.

Whenever I go to an event, there are always a few people who come up to me completely worn out and discouraged. They knew owning a business would be hard and they thought they could handle it, but once the novelty of “being your own boss” wore off they were ready to be done! I remember a particular lady confessing to working more than 80 hours a week in her business and not making a single dime! The problem wasn’t her business, the problem was her. There were some bad habits she needed to get rid of, and you need to get rid of them too.

Bad Habits That Cost Entrepreneurs Money

Laziness– Most entrepreneurs would argue with me that they are not lazy. I get it. You think about your business from the moment your eyes open in the morning until the moment you lay your head down at night. However, thinking about it and taking action on it are two totally different things. Some entrepreneurs go through the whole process of starting a business, only to get stopped as soon as things get tough. They get lazy when it comes to doing what is required to build a business. If you aren’t willing to do the work, you won’t have a business for long. Period.

Inconsistency– Consistency builds relationships and building relationships with prospects and colleagues builds business. I want you to get on social media for 30 minutes a day. Every day! And I want you to like, share, and comment. Why? What would happen in your personal relationships if you only cared enough to talk to them once or twice a month, or worse, whenever it was convenient for you? Your relationships wouldn’t thrive. And neither will your business if you don’t show consistency. Follow this tip every day, and watch your business grow.

Apathy-If you don’t care about your clients who will? Well, someone will, and they’ll get your clients and your sales! When I look at my client list (people who have actually paid me more than $500), I can picture the faces of each of these people. I have connected with these people. They trust me to get their business where they want it to be, and I don’t take that lightly. You want the people in your community to know that you care. Connect with your clients. How? Blogging, videos, newsletters, and live events are the best and most memorable ways to connect.

Have you figured out what your problem is? Ditch these bad habits, and let’s start getting some real business results.

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