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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Wow this month and this challenge have flown by.  We only have a few more days before the challenge comes to an end.

Today I decided to tell you about some of my favorite blog posts from this month.  Actually I must say that there are so many of them I might have to make several of these posts.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Suzie Cheel just makes me smile.  Every time I see her face on my screen I light up.  She writes about gratitude and how to combine the law of attraction and social media.  Check out “Wednesday Gratitude: Creativity”

Jeanine Hoag just makes me hungry.  LOL  She writes about cooking – specializing in home school meals.  Check out “Just Hit The Mother Load of Slow Cooking, One Pot Meal Recipes

Nicola Grayling just makes me excited!  She is a go-getter.  When she asks me a question and I answer – she implements.  Check out “Who are we following?”

Michelle Shaeffer just inspires me!  Every time I read her blog 2 things happen – 1.  I learn something new and 2.  I go to read one thing and end up reading 5.  Check out “Top 5 Mistakes New Work At Home Moms Make”

Danielle McGaw just makes me excited to do what I do.  She is another one of those women who are implementers.  I have watched her time and again take an idea and run with it.  Check out  “Working on my Elevator Pitch”

Lisbeth Tanz just makes me laugh.  Her writing knowledge is amazing but she can be so funny.  I love her outlook on life and I love to read her blog.  Check out “Writing Powerful Headlines”

Well I could keep going on and on so what I will do is make another one of these posts in a day or two to share more of my blog finds.  :))  Hope you enjoy the reading!