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Was your last sales conversation a flop?  Did you make the sale?

Chances are that the last sales conversation you had did not end in a sale.  I can say that with confidence because even the best closers in the world convert less than a third of the time.

Would you like to close more sales?

Again, the answer here is usually a resounding yes.   Over the past 5 years, I've seen my clients double or even triple their revenues in a year or less.    What's my secret?  It's not changing product offerings, or fixing sales funnels.  It's teaching my clients how to correct the mistakes they are making in their sales conversations.

In this blog post, I'm going to show you the three main mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make in their sales conversations.  I'll also show you a quick way to fix them so you can start enrolling more clients tomorrow.

The Three Mistakes that Stop You From Making Sales

Mistake #1:  You think the call is about coaching. 

One of the most common mistakes I see in sales conversation calls (or strategy sessions) is that the person doing the selling treats the call as a coaching call and solves their clients problems.  If the solution to the problem is neatly gift-wrapped and presented to the client with a giant bow on top.  They have no further reason to work with you.

The key to a great sales conversation is to think of yourself as a reporter rather than a coach.  Your job is to keep asking questions and dig deep to find out your prospects deepest goals.  Keep asking “why is that?” to keep peeling back the layers until you can clearly see the true issue.   Then, offer ONE key insight. Do not solve their problem – diagnose it.

Mistake #2: You don't transition to the close

Do you rush your ending?  I was on a sales conversation once with a potential copywriter who gave me all sorts of great advice around my messaging.  I was enjoying the call and leaning toward hiring her.  Exactly 25 minutes into the call, I hear a deep inhale of breath.  Then, super quickly – “We have three packages,  if you give me your card number I'll get you signed up today.” Whoa there!  My defensive walls instantly shot up even though we had been having a great conversation.

The key to avoiding the wall, is to come from a place of prescription.  If you are asking good questions,  the transition is easier.  Based on what you have told me,  I think you would benefit most from x, y or z.

People love custom solutions, you job in the strategy session is to customize your work for your prospect (even if it is jut figuring out which pre-planned package they fit into).

Mistake #3:  You let the prospect off the hook too soon.

The biggest mistake I see my clients making in their strategy sessions is stopping the conversation at “I can't afford it”.  No, you absolutely do not want clients putting themselves in any sort of danger to be part of your program.  But,  90%, I can' afford is just another way of saying – “I'm not seeing the value in this for me yet”.  I can't afford it can also be a sign of resistance to solving the problem at all.  Either way, the solution is to take a stand for your client and help them better visualize the transformation you are offering them.

Think like a doctor

To sum it up, the recipe for a great sales conversation is to think of yourself as a doctor rather than as a coach.  Spend time getting to know the prospect so you can diagnose their problem and offer them your best solution.