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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

At this moment I really understand the saying “Time stands still for no man.” (or woman)  Where did this month go?

Besides planning The Ultimate Client Attraction Summit, traveling 10 days out of the month I also co-hosted The Ultimate Blog Challenge with the awesome Michelle Shaeffer.  Oh did I forget to mention 31 blog posts in 31 days this month as well.

OK so I didn't actually post one everyday but that's ok.  The idea was to post 31 during the 31 day's of the month.  Today I had to write 3 to finish but I am so excited that was all I had to do.

Results From The Ultimate Blog Challenge

I want to take a minute to tell you guys about the amazing results.  First of all – congratulations to all those who participated.  We ended up with close to 350 bloggers in the challenge.

It's to early to know how many of them actually finished the full month challenge or the mini 10 day challenge we ran at the end of the month but I know there will be a lot.

Michelle and I have received so many emails and tweets from people who saw amazing results from participating in the challenge.

1.  I met some truly amazing bloggers during the challenge.  Got better acquainted with some that I already knew and then met a lot of them I had never spoken to before.

2.  I have been asked to speak in 2 tele-summits and have 3 tele-classes scheduled in the next month with participants and people who just heard about the challenge and started following my blog.

3.  You knew I would get to the numbers as I always do.

  • 38% increase in web traffic to my blog.
  • Added 22 people to my Networked Blogger network.
  • Added almost 150 new fans to my Facebook Fan Page.
  • Improved my Alexa ranking by 28%. World wide ranking dropped from 513,221 to 367,285.

Overall, I am extremely excited to have co-hosted and participated in the challenge.  We have been asked several times lately if we will be doing the challenge again and the answer is YES!  Be looking for details in a couple of months.  Thanks again to all of you who participated with us!