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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Marketers are often talking about the advantages of using video.  As entrepreneurs it is important for us to remember that people learn and absorb information in different ways.

Are you using video marketing?

We should be telling the world about our products and services through written word, audio and video.

For my upcoming free online summit, The Ultimate Client Attraction Summit, I decided I wanted to use video on my website but not what people normally think of when they think video.  Not a video of me talking about the summit but a video of images that will create an emotion in the viewers.

Before I tell you how I did it, let me share the video with you.

I decided to use a video service called Animoto to create my video.  I have actually had an account with them for a while now and played around with it a little but not really committed to it.

As a non-techie I was surprised that it was really easy to create the video.  You simply:

upload the pictures you wish to use,

enter any text,

choose the sound you would like,

and decide on a few customization items.

It was really that easy.  What I quickly found though was that the video I wanted to make was too long for my free account.  With the free account you can make 30-second videos but if you want anything longer you have to either purchase individually or upgrade your account.  So I broke down and upgraded my account.

It is only $30 for an annual account that still has some limitations but gives you longer videos and the ability to make as many as you want throughout the year.  There is another level of upgrade that gives you all the bells and whistles but for now I think I will stay at this level.

Before I go, a little confession for all my fellow perfectionists out there.  I recreated this video about 8 times before I got it to this point where I was pretty happy with it.  After the 8th time I could hear the words of my friend Adam Urbanski, The Marketing Mentor, in my head.

“If it's worth doing it's worth doing poorly to begin with!”

So I had to stop the insanity and say enough.  LOL