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We've been talking a lot about marketing this week, both from me and from some fabulous guest posts.  Today, I want to spend some time discussing an often overlooked marketing tool – the teleseminar.

I am a huge fan of teleseminars because I know how they can change your business.  I am a perfect example!  My first teleseminar was about six months into my business and I not only used it to build my list, but I also used it to create a product.  That teleseminar class “How I Grew My Facebook Fan Page from 1 to 1026 Fans in 30 days,” converted nicely into my first product that has garnered me over $8000 since it's debut in 2010. Not bad for a week's worth of work, right? Now, I try to hold several teleseminars a year myself.  I also regularly participate in other entrepreneur's teleseminars.

So, let's talk about some of the details for you to determine before your teleseminar.

First, think about what your goal is going to be.  Are you looking to:

  • Increase visibility and expert positioning
  • Product development
  • Sell a product, program, or service
  • Build customer loyalty

Once you know the goal, then you can figure out what kind of teleseminar best suits that goal.  You can decide to do a preview call, or a FAQ call, or perhaps a members' only call. Depending on the goal of the call, you'll want to pick the format that is best suited for your business, ideal client, and the goal itself.

Teleseminars are great marketing tools because they provide a great way to provide your content without spending a ton of money.  In fact, you may even be able to pull off a teleseminar without any out of pocket expenses.  There are plenty of free options out there to help you get started – check out freeconferencecall.com, or freeaudioconferencing.com for instance – and you may already have most of the tools you need to present the material to your audience (think headset, autoresponder/opt-in).

So, what's holding you back from scheduling your first (or your next!) teleseminar? 

When you think about the benefits of a teleseminar and the ease with which you can pull one off, I hope your answer is NOTHING! If there is something holding you back, comment below and let's get the conversation going! Sometimes all it takes is another perspective to help you make the leap and get that call scheduled.