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This weeks guest post is by Cindy Schulson, who simplifies marketing for coaches and other solopreneurs so they can attract their favorite clients, earn more and market less.  Cindy Shulson is one of my private coaching clients – she has an amazing program TALI which you should check out – http://www.teamtali.com/ Register by Tuesday so you can take part in the Q&A call with Cindy.

Lately I’ve been speaking with entrepreneurs who feel frustrated that they’re working so hard and just not getting the results they expected. Can you relate?

There are two types of scenarios that keep coming up.

  1. Studying everything in sight but not taking action.
  2. Taking action but not targeted, strategic action

Let’s look at each of these scenarios.

1. Studying everything in sight but not taking action.

This is what we call analysis paralysis and I can assure you that we’ve all been here. We get stuck in learning mode and can rationalize that we’re doing something good for our business by studying important skills. Often we stay in this place because it feels safe. There is no risk of failing or being rejected when you are in study mode.

The problem is that while upgrading your skills is important, it doesn’t pay the bills. You need to take what you learn and put it into action. That’s why for every program I create, I include a training and an action component (and often a support piece). Because Training + Action = Success.

But remember, it’s not just about taking action. You need to take targeted action, which brings me to the second scenario.

2. Taking action, but not targeted, strategic action.

I love taking action – it makes me feel like I’m moving forward and getting things done. But the truth is that sometimes we take action that doesn’t bring results. And one of the biggest reason is that our actions aren’t targeted or strategic.

Before you take action – whether it be writing a blog post, participating in social media, creating a program, etc. – ask yourself if you know why you’re taking that action. What do you hope to accomplish as a result? What is the strategic thinking behind your actions? I’m not saying that you should be attached to the outcome, but you should have a goal and strategy behind your actions.

For instance:

  • Is there a call to action in that blog post that will help move your business forward
  • Does it communicate a core message that reinforces your brand?
  • When you’re on social media are you on every platform interacting with everyone, or are you building solid relationships with potential clients, JV partners, mentors, referral partners, etc?
  • When you create a new program, have you tested it and marketed it to ensure it will sell before you create it?
  • When you create content and programs, do you know how you will leverage it to earn multiple streams of income?

These are just a few examples but you get the idea.

Sometimes we get into busy action mode and don’t realize that the actions we’re taking aren’t what we need to move forward and become more profitable.

So I want to challenge you to take a step back and look at the actions you’ve taken this week. Which actions helped you move forward and which ones were busy work? What targeted actions are you committed to taking next week?

Please share your feedback and targeted actions below. It will help you stay accountable and moving forward with clarity and purpose.