Quantum Pixel Tag

I just love it when I look into the social media crystal ball to predict the future and I'm right.  For the past six months I've been saying that images are going to be *much* more important in Facebook – and the new timeline layout shows that I'm right.

To really understand the new timeline and what it means,  it is really helpful to look at Facebook's own goals.

They want to sell advertising.  It’s as simple as that.  And to do so, they need to pack in as many ads as possible.

One of the main ways the new Timeline format fits in with these goals occurs thanks to Facebook’s new Edge Rank algorithm.  Edge Rank gives a new priority to photos, closely followed by illustrated links and videos.

The reason?

Graphics provide an easy way for Facebook to plant ads and “sponsored stories” in the lower right corner of any graphic its users provide – whether these are personal photos, shared photos or any other sort.

Check out this picture:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 1.46.08 PMUnderstanding this basic Facebook Timeline fact should help you instantly recognize two important facts (notice how big the picture is):

  • Facebook will distribute photos you share as widely as possible, so it can display ads to more people
  • You too can pay for your own “sponsored story” or in-photo ad

The example above is a simple Facebook Ad.  A sponsored story is one of your own posts – but you are paying for Facebook to drive people directly to your link via the “Sponsored” section within photos.

 How are you going to change your strategy to incorporate more images?