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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

Have you been thinking that a membership site will not work for your business?  Well my friends from Buzz Booster, Shahar and Nash Boyayan, are here to tell you that every business can have a membership site.  Even a company that sells puzzles or a veterinarian.

They also give you plenty of ideas how to use continuity programs or membership sites in your coaching business.  It was very interesting when they started to talk about the “pain of disconnect” which means that if your continuity offers some sort of service or product that they are using and if they stop paying they will loose those services.  For example, your autoresponder service is a continuity program – you pay each month – and of course your list is there – if you cancel the service you loose your list.  That would be the “pain of disconnect”.  How could you implement that in your business?