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List Goes On and OnBy Michele Scism
The Results Lady

I was just talking to my friend Jenni Parker Brown and we started to laugh about our to-do lists.  A couple of days ago I decided I had better make a new list of everything I needed to get done.

I got out a yellow pad and thought “Oh I should segment my list by project.”  So I started making sections for each project I am working on.  I ended up with 7 sections and almost everyone has a huge list of it's own.  No wonder I never feel like I've accomplished anything.  LOL

I never make big lists like this on purpose.  I believe that you can only really accomplish about 6 things throughout your day.  So I have decided this is my master list and I will just pull things off each day and make a shorter list.

What about you – do you make lists?  Do you get the same gratification that I do when you check something off your list?

As Taio Cruz so eloquently put it, in his song Dynamite, (my list) “Goes on and on and on and it goes on and on and on yea!” I decided to include his video to get your blood flowing.

My husband says he has been to a lot of junk yards but never has he been to one like this one.  LOL