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By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

I LOVE MY LIFE!  I have to sometimes repeat that to myself.  On most days it is a natural state of being for me but then there are the days when I realize how truly overcommitted I am.  But I just wanted to share with you the blow I took against overwhelm today.

I am actually sitting in LAX waiting for my next flight which will take me to San Francisco for a speaking engagement at Caterina Rando's Business Breakthrough Summit.  I am really excited to be going because I love to talk about Social Media, Caterina is one of my newest BFF's and I love San Francisco.  But this day has been rather crazy.  My day started at sun up and if you know me you know that doesn't necessarily make me happy (I am rather nocturnal).  I drove 2.5 hours to Houston to meet with a new potential client and her husband before I attended the monthly eWomen Network luncheon which was fabulous as usual.  This is one of my favorite networking events – fabulous people and today another great speaker.  As soon as it was over I drove over to the airport and caught a flight which brought me to this point in the story but it isn't over.  I still have about 4 hours of travel before I get to the hotel tonight.

Oh did I mention that today is Day 1 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and yes this counts as my first blog of the challenge.  LOL  I am super excited about all the bloggers that are blogging with us but this month I will be traveling for 15 of the first 18 days of the month.  I will have to pull out some super ninja blogging tactics – good thing I know them.  So where else am I going this month?  Well a little on the personal side but my step-daughter had a baby last week and we are going to sneak away for a couple of days to go see her and then the day I get back I leave to come back to CA to speak at Adam Urbanski's Attract Clients Like Cray event.  OK are you feeling the overwhelm yet? 

Well that's not all – did I mention that during the 3 days I am home next week I have several interviews, 2 days spent with new mentoring clients and my Take Action Get Profits Virtual Facebook and LinkedIn training (yes there are still spaces available in that class).  Oh and then I have 3 new products in development stage with different partners.  OK now I know you are feeling it.  

I started this  blog post saying I had a blow against overwhelm today and I can't wait to share it.  Let me start with a question – Do you have a problem letting things go?  Meaning do you have this desire to handle things yourself.  I have been working on that over the last year since I have a tendency to be a little on the control freak side.  Today I took a huge step that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to take.  I let someone else go through my inbox and take care of things.  When I hit the road this morning I had 609 emails in my inbox – when I got off the plane a few minutes ago I had 17.  I have to tell you that it was the most freeing thing I have done for myself in a while.  I asked my VA, well I actually prefer to call her an online business manager because there are certain VA's out there that are so much more, (I am so blessed to have several of them in my life now), anyway during my crazy hectic day she cleaned out my emails and now that overwhelming task is done…  If there weren't so many people in this airport I would get up and do the happy dance.

What are you holding onto?