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Have you heard of the Sneaky Chef?  The Sneaky Chef creates very sinful looking and tasting recipes that use very healthy ingredients.  The ice cream cones in the picture are just fruit and low fat milk – but they look delicious.  The Sneaky Chef makes it easy for cooks to make sure that their families are getting their fruits and vegetables in each day.  The online equivalent of eating your fruits and veggies, is posting to your blog more than once in a blue moon.  In honor of the Ultimate Blog Challenge which runs every quarter, I'm going to share my 7 super sneaky tricks for making sure that your blogging gets done.

Make a List of Blogging Ideas!

Use Evernote or even a plain notebook that you carry with you to capture your blogging ideas as they come to you. I carry a small notebook in my purse to write down ideas as they pop in my head.

Schedule Time to Write!

Blogging is an important part of your marketing strategy. Schedule a “rendezvous” with your blog on your calendar.  I have found that if it isn't scheduled – it won't happen, make blogging a priority for you.

Write in chunks!

Sometimes it is easier to relocate to a close-by coffee shop and do four blog posts at once!

Write Series!

Blog series are very popular. When you choose a topic see if you can break it into 3 or 4 parts and make each of those a blog post.

You Don't Always Have To Write Your Posts!

If you know you should be blogging but don't like to write, there is still hope. Use Dragon Naturally Speaking or other dictation software to “write” when you are on the road.  The dictation software that comes on many smartphones can also be very good. You could also record videos or audios and use them as your blog posts. Click here for an example of how I do that.

Use Inexpensive PLR!

Don't be afraid to use private label rights materials as a base for your posts.  You'll want to completely rewrite them – but at least you'll have an outline.  I like to use articles from EZ PLR.

Use Guest Posts!

A great way to get content for your blog is to ask others to write for you. Bloggers love to guest post on other blogs.

Get Support!

Having “blogging friends” who comment on your posts, who share them and tweet them is one of the very best ways to stay on track.  Want an instant tribe of amazing fellow bloggers?  Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Joining the challenge is free and you will love the accountability and the community.

What are your best tricks for getting your blogging done?  Let's help each other – share them in the comments section below.