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-Do what others aren't willing to doand you will havewhat others don't have.- (1)You don't have to spend a fortune to boost your visibility and get known! Take a look at these 6 low visibility boosters that actually work to make sure that your business is no longer a best kept secret.


1.Get on Social Media

A lot of people I talk to think the only thing their business needs is a website. Wrong! Did you know people are spending a whopping 17 hours a month on Facebook alone?! Social media is effective and for the most part – it’s free. Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Snap Chat, you name it, it’s free to be on the platform, and it puts you in front of billions of people. Use it to drive traffic, build relationships, find and target your ideal clients, and stay in front of your target audience.    

2.Facebook Advertising

If done right, advertising can easily bring a flood of traffic to your site.   The good news is that Facebook ads (especially promoted posts) are not very expensive (You can start with as little as $5 to promote a post) and it has been proven to be an effective marketing tool.  

3. Share Useful Content

I love this strategy because when you share great content with an online community it doesn’t just have to be your community in order for you to benefit. Sometimes you should be sharing your blog posts, webinars and courses. At the same time you want to share content that others have created. Scroll through the news feed on Facebook looking for content you love and simply click the share button and share it with your community. This is a valuable service you can provide to your community and it will put you on the radar of the people whose content you share.  In return, they are likely to share your content with their audience. I’ve built some amazing relationships and gained loyal clients by generously sharing other people’s content.

4. Raise the Value

Sometimes value is only in the eyes of the beholder. You can raise the perceived value of your products by pointing out benefits that your clients may have overlooked. While you're at it, raise the price. Don’t be surprised if your profits skyrocket. Remember it’s easier to make more money with fewer clients. Shift your focus and concentrate on selling your most expensive products and services.

5. Offer More

If you really want to boost visibility, you need to have products and services that can be easily shared online. Of course you are creating lots of free content on your blog and promoting them through your social media; at the same time you should be letting potential customers know how you work with clients. Are you a coach? Do you use words like “When I am working with a coaching client…..”? These subtle hints help them to know what you do.

6. A visible opt-in box

You want people to sign up for your email list, newsletter, or advertising; we call this opting-in, and they do this by entering their email address into the opt-in box on your website. A rookie mistake I see people make a lot, is that they either don’t have an opt-in box or they have it hidden at the bottom of their page somewhere. You can’t count on the fact that your potential client will stay on your page long enough to scroll to the bottom and opt-in. Make your opt-in box visible and near the top of your page, then you can send out more information, deepen relationships, and keep them updated on your current services, offerings, sales or discounts.

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