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 So, when is the best time to put someone in a nurture sequence.  When I ask my clients that question – they usually reply that they put clients in a nurture sequence when they sign up for their freebie or possibly when they are in a sales sequence and decide not to buy.  Yes, it is important to stay in front of your prospect – and to keep following up.  And, every helpful e-mail you send out is hopefully building the know, like and trust factor with your clients.

But, are you regularly communicating with your customers? If you aren't, you are leaving valuable money on the table.  Existing customers are a great source of new business and of referrals.  My most successful clients spend of their marketing time making their current customers happy.

Here are some ideas for nurturing existing clients.

1. Send them a series of emails with instructions on how to use your product or program.  Most people who buy an information product, don't even read it, much less implement the ideas in the book.  Giving your clients extra hints and encouragement along the way will increase the odds that they will implement and be successful  with your program.

2. Track clients actions and send them information that is interesting to them. If you run a knitting store and know that a client is opening every email you send them about yarn – them send them more emails about yarn.

3. Send emails with client only specials and information. Everyone likes to feel like a VIP. Offering subscriber only goodies makes your clients feel special.

4. Get Personal – recognize client special events – send special cards or emails for major events such as birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Mix it up.  Use different forms of media to get your message across. Video, postcards, e-mail or audio. Different people learn different ways – so mix it up to communicate with your audience.

That brings me to one final tip. Keep track of open rates and click rates on the pieces in your series.  Then, repeat what works.  I always say – the things you track are the things that improve.

What is your most effective client nurture strategy?