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Do you want to know the quickest path to getting known online?

If I were to pick one thing that made the difference to me – it was when I got to the point where other people were interviewing me.  OK, so now you are probably saying “Right, Michele, YOU are already successful,  why would anyone want to interview me, I'm just starting out?

Well,  I have some good news for you.  Getting interviewed is not hard if you are prepared.

Here are 5 steps to take to get other people to interview you.

1. Make sure that you are set up for success. It is completely OK to be in the beginning of your business, but most experts want to interview people who have an established online presence.  Make sure that your website is set up (and that you have current blog posts, that you have a Facebook page, an opt-in form and are regularly updating all the places you have accounts on social media).

2. Help and connect with others online  Try to be helpful online. If you know the answer to someone's question, chime in and answer it.  Not only is it good karma, you'll also connect to more people and start building your reputation as an expert.

3. Have something interesting to say.  Read what others are writing in our niche.  Instead of copying or just curating – add something new in your posts.

4. Interview other people One of the quickest ways to get out there on the interview circuit is to start your own weekly or bi-weeky interview series.  As you ask other people to be on your teleseminars, they will likely return the favor.

5.  Ask I know this seems super obvious – but the best way to get booked to get our name out there as someone who wants to speak and has something to say.  I was pleasantly surprised  in the beginning when I sent out e-mails offering to speak and got a grateful “yes!” as a response…

So here is my challenge to you… get yourself booked to be interviewed before the end of this month!

Would you like some help putting everything together to get interviews?  Then, check out my new gold level coaching program where you'll learn everything you need to build your expert platform.