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Marketing is a never ending process. That means that it can also seem overwhelming. What I have found is that when I focus on a 90 day marketing plan I feel like it is doable and therefore take focused action.

Do you sometimes feel like you start getting on track promoting your business only to later get off track because you don't know what to say or what to promote?

I completely understand — and have been there (more times than I care to admit).

When I talk to you about marketing plans – the reaction is usually – Oh, if I have a plan, how do I take advantage of unexpected opportunities that come my way?  That's the beauty… the plan is a framework.  Somewhere to go if you don't know what to write.  You can change the plan as circumstances change, but at least you know that you have “something in the can” for an emergency.

Still think that creating a marketing plan is too complicated?  It doesn't have to be.  Here are five tips to make getting your plan written easy…

5 Tips for Creating Your 90 Day Marketing Plan

1. Know what your end goal is for each month  If you are going to create a map. It helps to know where you are going.  Are you launching a product? focusing on building your list? social media?  Focus your activities toward that monthly goal.

2. Pencil in holidays and events.  It helps to be aware of holidays and events – you can tie your blogs post in to them (an also avoid wishing people happy holidays on the wrong day…)

3. 3 blog posts a week  A good goal to shoot for is three blog posts a week.  One of the most helpful tools I've found in planning my posts is the WP editorial calendar.  You can easily schedule posts, write notes, move posts around, etc.   Another useful tip is to plan a weekly theme.  For example, Mondays are about reviewing other people's sites, Wednesdays focus on social media and Fridays showcase interesting videos on You Tube.
4. Themes for Tweets and Facebook postings  A good way to increase you following (and get a good start on your next book) is to create themes for your postings each month.  You don't have to only post about that thing, but a focus keeps people coming back for more.
5. Don't forget to post your freebie often.  Many of you forget to do this.  You post your freebie when it is new – but then stop.  You can post it weekly on Facebook and daily on Twitter and get more opt ins for your list.

Do you have a marketing plan?  What tips do you have to share?