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its-not-about-youIf you aren't implementing these 5 tips on your About page, you're probably doing it wrong!  Branding Expert and Visibility Strategist Carol Ann DeSimine has excellent advice about how to make your About page profitable!

 Throw away everything you know about bios when it comes to writing your About page copy. Your About page is not your resume. It’s meant to inform readers about how you can help them and attract the type of paying clients you desire. Your About page is going to get more views than almost every other page on your website, so you want to make it work for you. Here are 5 secrets to writing an About page that speaks to your Dream Clients and moves them to hire you:

Secret 1. Make it about them.

Hook them in with a title that speaks to their needs. What is the problem they have and how do you solve that problem? Make this clear in your home page, but make sure you lead with it on your About page, too. It’s never really about you, even though it is.

Secret 2. Show how passionate you are to serve your clients, not just that you have built a business around your own passion.

There's a lot of talk about building a passion-based business, but clients won’t be drawn to you just because you’ve got a passion for something. That passion has to fulfill a need in the marketplace. Being passionate will attract people to you because in essence you will be happy when you’re doing something you love, and you will naturally put more into serving through that passion. But again, that’s your stuff. People just want to know the end result they’ll get when they hire you and that they’ll get what you promise you’re going to deliver.

Secret 3. Forget the credentials.

You don’t need to include a laundry list of titles and certifications everywhere your name appears. Unless you're applying for a job, credentials aren't that important in most circles. In fact, they could pigeon-hole you and drive away the clients you're trying to attract. If you’re a life coach, saying you’re a counselor may attract clients looking for conventional therapy, not coaching. If you’re a Virtual Assistant, saying you worked 15 years as a secretary could attract that type of work, when what you really want is to do online marketing. Speak to the experience around that, not that you were the assistant to a CEO somewhere.

If you do use letters after your name, make sure they're easily understood and relate to what you do. I have a master's degree in public relations. If I put MPR at the end of my name, not many people would know what it stands for, and those who do may want to hire me to write press releases. That's not the work I want to attract. Titles and credentials can typecast you and take away from your true purpose. Don't get me wrong; credentials do have validity to show your expertise, but showing experience and talking about the clients you've served and the results you've gotten for them will get you much further.

Secret 4. Use client testimonials.

Third-party endorsements are always more convincing to show how you deliver on your promise. If you're new at this and don't have anyone who can testify to your results, use testimonials from people who endorse the service you offer.

Secret 5. Always have a call to action on your About page, and on every page for that matter.

Interested readers will want to contact you right away, so make it easy for them. Have a link to schedule a Discovery Call, or a form for them to submit their info for you to contact them, or provide a phone number if you want them to call you.

How's your About page? Shoot me a quick email with the link and I'd be more than happy to take a look and provide feedback.

about-page-bioCarol Ann DeSimine is a Branding Expert and Visibility Strategist and the Creator of The Sizzle System of Personal Branding. She helps forward-thinking, opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs create a brand that gets seen, gets heard, and gets clients. To learn more about how she can help you create a brand strategy that establishes you as the “go-to” expert in your field, visit www.thesizzlesystem.com.