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Informational products are a great addition to your product funnel and business. There are a few key reasons why informational products work:

  • help you gain trust
  • easily attract new prospects with no (or low) cost products
  • help gain credibility and authority
  • help increase your expert status
  • differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • increase referrals

With all of these great benefits, we can see why you'd want one!  Here are 4 steps to help you create your great info product!

1.  Brainstorm and decide on a price 

Think about what information your target market wants.  Are there any hot topics that need attention?  Are there any products that are already in the market?  Do you have any content that could be repurposed?

Then, think about where this product will fit into your funnel.  Is this an entry level product or a higher level product?  What price point do you want to stay at?  These factors will help you decide what pieces to include in the product.  A higher price point may include audios and worksheets for instance.  Or, perhaps an audio + strategy session.  Remember, you determine the price point but it needs to fit with your overall product funnel too!

2. Sell the product

Once you're started the ideas for the product, get the sales page up!  Market it and sell the product! You can sell to your existing list and use it to build your list! Remember, repurpose your products whenever you can.

3.  Create the Product

Follow through with the brainstorming ideas.  Pull together the material you already have and see how much of the product you have.  If necessary, get to work on the additions to round out the product you're creating.

4.  Implement

Get that product finished and launched!

This can be the most challenging of the steps if you have an informational product in mind that is mostly finished.  The launch can be as complicated or as simple as you choose.  However, you want to be sure that you set yourself up for success so some things to consider:

  • Use your blog to promote the product before and after it's out
  • Use team support where needed – think graphics, website, etc – to make your product as professional as possible
  • Ask for feedback during the process
  • Create a social media strategy ahead of time and implement fully!
  • Test your entire sales process BEFORE you launch!

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