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I frequently speak to entrepreneurs from all over the country and I get asked a lot how I was able to build Decisive Minds so quickly. I learned at the very beginning of my journey, that business growth is stalled by indecisiveness, and I decided that wasn’t going to happen to me! I eventually developed my 4-part Decisive Action Plan. It helped me grow my own businesses and it can help you grow yours as well.

1. Make Decisions
Are you stuck? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I see so many people crippled by their own lack of decisiveness; but I see these same people experience a breakthrough, after they’ve followed my simple 3-step decision making process. Click here to read “Make Decisions in 3 Easy Steps”.

2. Focus
What are you working on right now in your business? If you don’t know, then you don’t have focus! And you have a problem. I see too many people dazzled and distracted by every new webinar, program, or strategy that they come across. Today it’s one approach, tomorrow it’s another; the next day they’re ready to throw in the towel altogether and get a job! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Successful entrepreneurs have this one thing in common, they all have focus. So where do you start? Watch this video podcast that I created to help you focus. “Lack of Focus is Killing Your Business”.

Don’t get sucked into every new “thing” and want to implement it into your business, take a hard look at your big picture, and ask yourself, how will this new “fill in the blank”…. help me with my main focus? If you can’t find an answer, then leave that new, shiny, “thing” alone. It’s not for you right now.

3. Delegate
I’m going to tell you a little secret here. You should be delegating almost everything. Really… 80% of your do-to-list you need to just give away. In fact, it’s easier to talk about what you shouldn’t delegate than what you should. As the owner of your business, I only want you to focus on 3 things: Developing plans and strategies, engaging in income producing activities, and working with clients or creating new products or services. That’s it!

Start small; you don’t need to hire an entire team overnight. Start with one person 5 hours a week, or 5 hours a month; delegate that one task that is hard for you to get to. For me that was my newsletter, I could never stay consistent, so it was the first thing I delegated. Continue to make lists of the different tasks in your business. Whichever tasks on your list don’t relate to the three things you should be focusing on as the owner of your business, I want you to delegate them. Check out What to Delegate in Your Business

4. Implement
So what’s the point in learning all these skills if you don’t implement them? Let me teach you how to be a master implementer in 5 easy steps. Watch my podcast “5 Steps to Getting More Done in Your Business

1. Set a hard deadline- The problem so many entrepreneurs have is that they set a deadline, but don’t stick to it. Do you need an incentive to commit? Tell somebody! In fact, tell everybody! Go on social media, post your plans; it’s instant commitment. Your community will provide all the accountability you need.

2. Break the tasks into smaller steps-Sometimes looking at a large task is overwhelming so break it into smaller tasks. Tackling “marketing strategies” is overwhelming. Break it into bite-sized pieces; teleseminars, speaking engagements, website design, etc. Chew on these small pieces until they’re all gone.

3. Set milestones- Set milestones and then celebrate them. Did you get 100 followers on social media, celebrate! Observing milestones is motivating; keep up the good work!

4. Delegate-Remember, don’t do it all yourself! Delegate 80% of your tasks, and only focus on 3 things: Developing plans and strategies, engaging in income producing activities, and working with clients or creating new products or services.

5. Track your progress. If you don’t track your progress as you go, you’re going to feel like you haven’t done anything at all. My clients are always amazed when I sit down with them, and start checking off all the things they’ve accomplished. Yes, they’ve still got more work to do, but you should see how motivated they are once they realize all they’ve gotten done.

Click here to learn The Secrets to Making Decisions and Taking Action Like a Real Business Owner.