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Speaking is one of the best possible ways to boost your expert profile.  Today, I spent a few hours with my private coaching clients going over their speaker's sheets.  Yes, it is that important.  (For those of you are are new here… a speaker's sheet is a packet of information with your picture, bio and topics you can speak about.)  Everyone who is a coach or expert needs a speaker's sheet.

Once that is taken care of, the next step is to find some places to speak.  Remember, that teleseminars and webinars count too (and sometimes are an easier place to get started).

Here are three great ways to find speaking gigs (even if you are just starting out – and even if you are aiming for webinars and not live events).

1. Start a Video Blog  Event planners (even for virtual events) want to see how you present “live”.  You can’t quite get that across in a written blog post.  Once a week take the time to do a video posting (and.. no cheating and doing powerpoints with voice over).  Choose topics that are part of the speeches you offer on your speaking sheet. At the end of the post, make a link that says something like … click here to find out how you can have me speak to your audience about this topic.  You can get bonus exposure by putting the video up on You Tube (the search engines LOVE You Tube!)

That brings me to hint number 2

3. Interview other people.  The easiest way to be the most popular person at the party is to invite the most people… This holds very true in the Internet marketing world too.  Over and over again, I’ve seen people rocket to the top of their business by holding a telesummit, hosting  radio show or just offering teleseminars for their audience.  I do this with the Decisive Minds Success Series.  Speakers are always looking for gigs… so offering them a chance to get in front of your audience (no matter how small) makes you a hero — and makes it likely they will book you in return.

3. Google Alerts  A quick way to get a heads up on speaking opportunities is to set up a google alert – http://www.google.com/alerts for your topic and call for proposals, call for speakers, telesummit, conference, etc.  Even if you don’t get on the roster for this year… a quick e-mail to the conference organizer can get you on the short list for next year.

If you are speaking already – what was your first speaking gig?