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Today's guest post is from Shelley Mitchell, from My Personal Business Coach

Have Fun!

Start being intensely selfish but in a good way: Give yourself that time you need to reflect and center yourself each day – as tempting as it can be when you are really busy, don't cheat yourself…I just started doing this year by committing myself to 15 minutes each day going through the book and program of The Science of Getting Rich and WOW, what a difference it made in my mindset alone…Also, don't feel guilty about the little things such as that you get mani/pedis or that you like to work laying out at the pool or that you would rather hire someone to clean the house so you can focus on either really growing your business or spending quality time with those you love or BOTH.  I like to have my OWN jar of peanut butter so I can take my sugar free chocolate Popsicles and dip them in there when they are frozen. yummy! Hey, I bought a second jar for everyone else; what's the problem?


Don't be afraid to:
Let others challenge you: hang out with, and mastermind with, smart, successful positive people.  As stubborn as you are, they may actually start to rub off on you and wouldn't that be nice!  A few of my “successful” friends will instant message or text me from time to time saying “GYABTTL” which helps keep me focused.  We came up with this during a mastermind when we were complaining that we had so much to do on our lists so “Get your ___ back to the list” was born.   Additionally, I always play much better golf when I play with really GOOD golfers.  Yes, I still have the worst score but I beat my personal best!


Be an advocate of peoples STRENGTHS, Talents and Gifts, including your OWN:  God gave us gifts and strengths that we are innately so good at that we tend to take them for granted and assume that everyone else has or should have them too.  They don't!  These are your GIFTS and it is your job and responsibility to feed them, grow them and then go out into the world and share them with the world.  You are not broken so stop trying to fix something that isn't broken.  The more time we spend doing what we are GOOD AT and less time at not doing what we are not good at, the better off we are as well as the world being a much better place.  Identifying and pointing out someones weaknesses is easy and really takes no effort at all; especially when you throw “judgement” into the soup.  It takes true character and self worth to challenge yourself to always look for the strengths and gifts in everyone you meet.  Also, you will hear me say this many, many times going forward.  You ARE what you FOCUS on… so I think I'm going to focus on being tall, thin, blonde, brilliant, wealthy and making a difference in the lives of everyone of who in contact with.

Shelley Mitchell, CPM, CAPS, CAM, HCCP, COS, MORS
(Co-Author of “More Ways To Succeed with ADHD” and Author of the forthcoming book series “How to Get (and keep) What You Really, Really Want”)

My Personal Business Coach & My Personal ADHD Coach
Helping Smart, Driven Entrepreneurs get UN-STUCK and UN-STRESSED, improve work-life BALANCE, define and FOCUS on their priorities, create a PLAN, and take ACTION to reach their DREAMS AND GOALS.