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Do you get the point in your sales conversation where you are about to tell someone how you can help them… and then the conversation goes downhill.  Either you start pre-judging – “they can't afford me – they won't be able to pay” – or your voice gets a tiny quiver in it and your prospect picks up on it.  They end up not buying – but they can't really tell you why.

Here's the deal.  If you can't make a sale – you don't have a business.  You need sales to have cash flow. I work with entrepreneurs all day to help them get past this very issue.

In fact I'm doing a three hour long livestream on July 10 – all about how to close sales better.

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In the end,  your lack of sales is NOT because you don't know how to sell. It is usually because of one of these three issues:

1. Fear  –  The biggest fear people have is fear of rejection. There is a point where you know that you absolutely can help your prospect.  Without them hiring you – you can’t help them. To help you need make an offer.  Knowing that you can help – and really having an important reason why you need to help them is what is going to help you get through the fear.  It is a matter of knowing your why, facing your fears and doing it anyway.

2. Practice – Most people with sales problems haven't sold enough.   Sales takes practice.  How many sales conversations did you hold last week? last month? last year?  The more conversations you have the better you will get. If you are closing at 20% (which is actually a great number) – that means 8 out of 10 will tell you no.  How many people do you need to talk to in order to get the number you need?

3. You don’t see your own value.    If you don't believe in your own value – nobody else will.  Here's an exercise to help you with this. Think about a client that you have had in the past  what did you work on?  What do they have now that they didn’t have you before? What would it be like if they never worked with you?  Your answers will show you how you help people.

In order to build a REAL business, you need a sales process and real cash flow.  To get to that point, you need to have a sales process.

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