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By Michele A Scism
The Results Lady

Are you a small business owner, coach, solo-entrepreneur, accountant, attorney, etc. who wants desperately to be making money online like your competitors are?

I have spent the last year speaking to lots of business owners just like you who are feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole online marketing and social media process.  They understand the importance that this “new media” will play in the future of their business but just aren’t sure how to design an online marketing strategy.

An Online Marketing Strategy does not have to be time consuming or confusing!

What you need to remember is that those who take action will be the ones to move their businesses forward!  As the old saying goes “You can’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome!”

This really made me start thinking about why entrepreneurs are having such a difficult time with online marketing and social media marketing.

3 Reasons You Might Not Be Seeing The Success You Envisioned!

1.  Lack of a strategy! Most entrepreneurs fail because they don’t take the time to think through and plan their strategy.  Some don’t do it because they just aren’t sure how to plan a strategy (If you fall in that category don’t worry – It’s just that you haven’t been taught how to) and others might know how to but just can’t find the time to plan their strategy – their days are consumed putting out fires.

2.  Getting stuck in “analysis paralysis”! This is when you feel like you never quite know enough to get started.  You are constantly trying to learn the newest way but never taking the steps to actually get started.

Fun fact – “Analysis Paralysis” is first cousins with “The Shiny Object Syndrome”.  They both can stop you in your tracks but SOS will also send you running down the wrong track.  Important to keep in mind!

3.  Don’t feel technically savvy enough to pull it off! Don’t worry – I am as “non-techie” as they come.  My VA and I agree that I know just enough to be dangerous but I have successfully developed and implemented my plan and you can too!

So why is it so important to have a clear online marketing strategy?

You can stop wasting your valuable time getting side tracked every time you get online

You will know that your actions are moving you closer to your goal

If you fall off the strategy wagon, you can pick yourself back up and get back on the wagon

You can avoid “Analysis Paralysis” and it's cousin “The Shiny Object Syndrome”.

I know this can be overwhelming and I know how you feel!  But I have found and many of my private clients have found that if you just take the time to actually create the plan and begin implementation you are ahead of 90% of your fellow business owners!

Take Action and Move Forward!