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What is it you can sell today?

Did that question shock you?  I hope so!  Sometimes to be successful, you have to be the do-er with your business even if you'd rather be focusing somewhere else.  So, let's look at 3 places you may have content to market.

1.  Sell Your Knowledge

Is there one thing that people are always asking you about?  Information products are big business and you may not be taking advantage of that!  Think about an area or idea that you are knowledgeable about.  Think about how you can share that knowledge in an easy to digest way.  It may be an e-book, or a workshop, or a subscription, but take a look at what the knowledge is and how you can best present it. Then, think about what price point makes sense based on the delivery format and you've got a marketable product you can get started on today!

2. Sell An Uncreated Product

You've probably heard me say this before but I'm a big believer in NEVER creating a product before selling it.  I've done this a ton of times in my own business very successfully.  Why waste time creating something that doesn't sell?  A great way to do this is to use an upcoming event or teleseminar to create a usable product without a lot of extra work.  Can you take that teleseminar and turn it into an audio product + worksheets? Or, can you take part of a coaching program and develop it into a stand-alone product?  These are all ways to leverage existing items into sellable products that you can get started on today!

3. Sell Other People's Products 

Otherwise known as affiliate marketing!  This is a great way to add sellable products to your business without doing all the creating yourself.  Most affiliate programs don't cost the end user any more than the original cost and most don't cost you anything more than your time to participate in.  So, think about your clients and what they need for their businesses.  Are there products you know about or use yourself that would make sense for you to promote? Well, then get out there and start doing it!  And of course the flip side is you can start your own affiliate program going so that others are helping to sell your products!

Take some time today or this week to look at what you have as potentially sellable content – sometimes you have something where you least expect it!