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In order to have sales, you need to get your customers to say yes,  In last week's blog post,  we talked about how conversion is more than just a sales conversation.  You need to get to get your customers saying “yes” to you from the first moment they learn about you to the point where they can refer you to others.

So the question is – how do you get people to say yes?  Here are 3 tips that will double your sales in the next 30 days.

CONVERSION Tip #1: It’s All About The Benefits

I have bad news for you. They could care less that you are going to give them 14 videos and 32 Q&A calls. They want to know that when you finish working together or after they use your product they are going to:

  •  Lose 100 pounds
  • Make $100,000
  • Have kids that are nicer and more respectful
  • Know exactly what to say when they hold a sales call

Remember the entire process of conversion is all about them and what they are going to get out of working with you.

CONVERSION Tip #2: All Sales Are Emotional

All sales are made based on some form of emotion. Either you want something really bad (to build your business, curve your chocolate craving, have the baby) or you are wanting to avoid something (bankruptcy, those 10 extra pounds, being alone). Just get clear that all sales are made on emotion.

When it comes to conversion (closing the sale) it is important for you to look for their why. What is their emotional trigger? And it is equally important for you to understand that after you have a sales conversation with someone time is your enemy. Every moment that passes takes them further away from their emotional decision. When they are no longer in the emotion they won’t even realize it but they will start to have doubt and change their mind. There are certain strategies you need to put in place to overcome this issue.

CONVERSION Tip #3: Follow Up

I know it seems like a no brainer and I actually saved this one for last because it is the big one! The reason your conversion isn’t working is because you are not activating the conversion strategy by starting with the follow up. How many cards do you have on your desk at this very moment of people that you said you would follow up with? How many cards have you gathered at this event already knowing that when you get home you will not do the follow up? Here is the secret – you need to have a Follow Up conversion strategy.

If you never seem to follow up after the fact then while you have them standing in front of you schedule the time when you are going to talk after the event. If that doesn’t work consider having a team member call and set up the appointments for you.

Here is the secret to doubling your sales in the next 30 days. Do 15 minutes of outbound calls every day. These are 1 minute conversations where your only goal is to set up an appointment to talk to them later. That’s called FOLLOW UP!

Now it’s your turn! How bad do you want it? Remember…. Cash Flow is a by-product of Sales and Sales are a by-product of Conversion Want more conversion tips?