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Here is another fantastic guest post by by Cindy Schulson, who simplifies marketing for coaches and other solopreneurs so they can attract their favorite clients, earn more and market less.  Cindy Shulson is one of my private coaching clients – she has an amazing program TALI which you should check out – http://www.teamtali.com/

You’ve probably heard about the importance of having a clear niche. In fact, you might be tired of thinking about your niche. I get it. Finding your niche can be one of the biggest challenges for many solopreneurs.
But having a clear niche is critical for your success. Here are some of the biggest benefits of a niche:


  • It’s easier to become an expert, which allows you to gain more visibility and command higher fees
  • You can focus your marketing to where your target market hangs out, which makes your marketing easier and more effective
  • You can speak directly to what your target market is looking for, which means more sales
  • It’s so much easier to get referrals because people know who you help and what you help them with
  • You can build a targeted list of your raving fans
  • You’ll attract more joint venture partners – people who serve the same target market but offer a complementary solution
  • If you want to earn more leveraged income (one of my favorite things to help clients do:) you absolutely must have a clear niche. If you help everyone with everything, you don’t stand a chance of filling your programs or selling many products.

If you’re struggling to do any of those things – build a targeted list, sell your services, command higher fees, get more referral, attract joint venture partners, earn leveraged income – then I’m willing to bet that the lack of a clear niche is part of the problem.

So let’s do this. Let’s have a quick reality check to see if your niche (or lack thereof) is the root cause of your problems.

1. You don’t know what separates you from everyone else who does the same kind of thing
2. When you describe who you help you can only describe them in broad demographic terms, (e.g. boomer women, parents) or broad descriptions (e.g. people who are going through a transition, people who want to reduce their stress)
3. You don’t get referrals because people don’t know who you help or what you help them with
4. You want to earn leveraged income through programs (e.g. group coaching, membership program, home study programs) but because you help everyone with everything you don’t have enough people to sell them to
5. You take on clients who aren’t your favorite and don’t allow you to do your best work
6. You don’t know where your ideal clients hang out and how to reach them
7. Your list is small, not targeted and non-responsive. They don’t buy your programs or even sign up for your free stuff, like webinars and strategy sessions.
8. You struggle to write content for your website and blog
9. You can’t clearly and easily explain what you do
10. You’re investing a lot of time, energy and money but have nothing to show for it – no clients, no sales and no fun!
If you answered “yes” to 7 or more of these questions, then chances are your niche is the root cause of your problems.
I’ve been helping coaches, consultants and other solopreneurs discover their ideal niche for going on 4 years. And I understand that finding your niche can be frustrating, overwhelming and even mysterious. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join me for a free, value-packed webinar where I’ll take you on an inspiring Niche Journey that will transform your business and make marketing much easier!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover on this special training call:

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  • The exact steps you need to take to discover your niche
  • The biggest mistakes most solopreneurs make when it comes to choosing a niche
  • How to grow and refine your niche so you can earn more income and help more people

And much more!
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