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BncnIv-IYAAec3OI’m so excited to be interviewing Mara Glazer and Wesley Murph on my radio show on Monday, May 19 at 2pm Central  (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific). You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.).

MaraGlazer_4495fwteeth2-200x300 Mara Glazer used to be a miserable slave to a corporate job in the NYC fashion industry (I say “slave” because making 35k a year in the BIG APPLE should be illegal!). I had no money. I lived in a strange city with no friends, and to top it off, my boss was a b*tch (more like a MEGA B*TCH! to be exact!) Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now, I own a wildly successful business that allows for me to spend time with my amazing friends and family when I WANT to, travel the world as I please, and work through my bucket list on the regular. Now, I don’t say this to brag. Not at all. I say this to let you know what’s possible because if a 28-year-old girl like me can learn to do it, a girl who struggled through school so much that some of my teachers straight out gave up on me (true story! – Actually I’ll share it below on this page), then you can learn to do it, too. http://maraglazer.com

wesleymurphIn 2006, Wesley Murph left a successful career in medical sales to start a pet business. Crazy … I know. But I built one of the largest (and most successful) pet businesses in the world … using tons of direct response marketing campaigns that I wrote myself. I even got my pet business on Cesar Millan's popular TV show called The Dog Whisperer (using a sales letter I wrote), which delivered millions of dollars in free advertising to my business. Next, I started a home-based freelance business … where I write direct marketing campaigns to help my clients get and keep customers … and that business has taken off by leaps and bounds too. http://wesleymurph.com

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