Success Strategies for Business Owners

Entrepreneurial Fear: 3 Tips to Overcoming the Fear

Entrepreneurial Fear

Last year a mom jumped out of a moving vehicle because she a saw a spider! But it gets worse. Her 9 year old son was still in the car. So he did what any 9 year old would do. He jumped into the front seat and tried to press the brake, and like any 9 year old, he hit the gas […]

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ETA Podcast Episode 57: How to Get 10% More People on Your Webinar

find the buyers

Did you know that less than 25% of the people who register for a free teleseminar, webinar, or telesummit will actually show up to the call? And less than 5% of the people who don’t show up, will ever listen to the replay. When you are using teleseminars and webinars to build your visibility and sell your products those statistics suck. So […]

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The Expectations of Public Speaking

The expectations of public speaking

People tell me all the time they just CAN’T do speaking events. They don’t know what to say, their mouth gets dry, their mind goes blank, and worst of all they can’t stop sweating. Lol. I tell my clients they are their own worst enemy. So what should your expectations be for public speaking? Public speaking trainer Bev Hepting sets the record straight […]

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What Pokémon Go Can Teach You about Marketing

Pokemon Marketing

Yesterday as my daughter and her friend were headed out of the house, I asked where they were going. The answer, “To catch Pokémon in the park, it’s exercise!” LOL. Late last night my phone rings and it’s my son. He seems out of breath so I ask what he is doing, and he says that he and his girlfriend are walking […]

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ETA Podcast Episode 56: How to Find the Buyers in Your Community

find the buyers

Have you trained your audience to buy or not buy? What if you could get buyers to raise their hands? Think about how far ahead you would be if you knew how to find the buyers in your community. According to Biznology, today’s sales process takes 22% longer than it did 5 years ago, so if you can get them engaged earlier […]

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Social Media Manager

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Are you working like an employee or an entrepreneur?  I see people make this mistake all the time by spending time working on tasks they should be delegating; so I was thrilled when I read Carol Lawrence’s “The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Social Media Manager!” Managing social media is an easy task to delegate and free’s up more time for you to spend with […]

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6 Low Price Visibility Boosters That Actually Work

6 Low Visibility Boosters

You don’t have to spend a fortune to boost your visibility and get known! Take a look at these 6 low price visibility boosters that actually work to make sure that your business is no longer a best kept secret.   1.Get on Social Media A lot of people I talk to think the only thing their business needs is a website. […]

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Testimonials Get You More Clients

Testimonials Get More Clients

Are you frustrated with the amount of new clients you’re getting…or rather, not getting? I bet you didn’t know that devoting more time to obtaining testimonials will get you more clients. Testimonials are evidence that you deliver what you promise; and if you don’t feel like you have clients to give you testimonials, don’t worry, I will tell you how to get […]

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