Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

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closing the sale

Video Podcast: Why You Aren’t Closing the Sale

When it comes to closing the sale, you must start by having sales conversations. In today’s episode of the Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast, Michele talks about why you are having trouble closing the sale and overcoming objections. Daniel Pink said “One of the best...
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building community

Why Build A Community?

How would it feel to know that you have a group of people that want to promote you and your business to the world? They hang on your every word. They love your ideas, your products and services and can’t wait to share you with their audience. Well those are just a few of the reasons to build a community.

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overcoming objections

Overcoming Objections: The Scripts

Do you freeze when someone gives you the money objection during a sales conversation? In today’s episode of the Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast, Michele talks about overcoming objections. She focuses on how to use a script to overcome the money objection and the “I...
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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing Done Right

If you've followed me for awhile, you've probably heard me talk about the right way to use social media. It's not just about getting your name and your business out there, it's about using social media as a tool to build relationships with potential clients. So let's...
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digital product,non techie

Digital Product Hacks for Non-Techies

I am definitely a non-techie! I know just enough about building websites and other techie things to be dangerous. So when it came to creating digital products, I started looking for hacks to make life easier for the non-techie. Digital Product Hack #1 - Creating the...
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