Success Strategies for Business Owners

3 Steps to Creating An Amazing Community

Take Action Get Profits

One of the things that people always ask me is “Michele, how do you attract such an amazing community?”. As one of my blog readers (and part of my community), you know that people who aren’t humble, hard working and good hearted don’t last long in my circles. Not that I repel them – they just know they are in the wrong group. Having the right community around me makes my work a pleasure – because I know that I what a teach changes the lives of some fabulous people.

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5 Tips for Building a Business That Serves You

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Do you have a business – or just a collection of freelance jobs? How can you tell? Can you take a vacation and still make money?  No?  That’s pretty common.   If your business is still something you work for – rather than having it work for you – watch these quick video tips that I gave as a guest on the […]

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Take Action Get Profits Radio: Rodney S. Jones and Carl Loop


I’m so excited to be interviewing Rodney S. Jones and Carl Loop on my radio show on Monday, September 22nd at 2pm Central (3pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific). You can catch the show live (or catch the recording here.). Rodney S. Jones, President & CEO of Adjustment Bureau Consulting, is a captivating and engaging coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer. He believes emerging leaders […]

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What Happens in Houston Stays in Houston


Shhh…  Want a sneak peek of what happens at Take Action Get Profits?  Well…  what happens in Houston USUALLY stays in Houston – but I snuck this video out for you. Here’s what last years Take Action Get Profits participants said: What I Got Out of This Event from Michele Scism on Vimeo.

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Sometimes the Scary Path is Less Risky

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I know some of you are still deciding whether to come to my live event in Houston.  Going to a live event (especially one NOT in your town) seems like a risky investment.  First, there is the cost of the event – then, the travel expenses.  Layered on top of that is are more personal fears – what if nobody talks to […]

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You Momma Was VERY Wrong…


Remember how your Momma would tell you not to eat dessert because it will spoil your dinner?  She had it ALL wrong… The biggest mistake I see people making in their messaging this summer is leading with the broccoli (the stuff you know your customers need) vs. the ice cream (the very yummy stuff they want).   You have to lead with […]

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Can I Predict Your Future?

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Being in business for yourself can be very fun.  After all, you set your own schedule, can buy the coolest tech toys (and deduct them!), travel meet amazing people and learn a lot about yourself.   But is your business is business, or is it a very expensive hobby? Here’s the test… are you making money.  As a trained accountant, I have […]

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Ouch… The One Thing That Will ALWAYS Hold You Back…

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What is that pointy thing you are sitting on?   Ah… it’s the fence.  I have to tell you that not only is fence-sitting very uncomfortable – it is the most common reason people don’t succeed.   The fence is where most of us go when faced with a life-changing opportunity (like attending Take Action Get Profits).  You don’t want to give […]

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