Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

Decisive Minds Success Strategies Business Owners

Social Media Planner


8 social media planners & schedulers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & much more!

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Automate Social Media

Simplify Your Social Media Posting With Automation

Imagine what your business would be like (not to mention your life) if your social media postings were driving traffic to your website, building your list and getting you new clients. Now imagine if 90% of it was automated. You get your life back and you would...
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Create an E-book

Your First Step to Creating an Irresistible E-book

According to a Marketo Report, 58% of people check their emails 1st thing in the morning. Most of them are even checking before their feet hit the ground out of their bed in the morning. So are you building an email list? One of the first things I have my clients do...
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get more people to your webinar

Video Podcast: How to Find the Buyers in Your Community

Have you trained your audience to buy or not buy? What if you could get them to raise their hands? Think about how far ahead you would be if you knew how to find the buyers in your community. According to Biznology, today's sales process takes 22% longer than it did 5...
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email list buidling

6 Reasons to Build Your Email List

If you've ever entered an online contest, offered your email address to an online or local store, or given the okay for a sales consultant to send you information, you've joined an email list. Email lists are simply the email addresses and names of people who signed...
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Entrepreneurs Take Action Podcast

5 Ninja Email List Building Strategies In this episode I give you 5 Ninja secrets that really work to build your email list!  Stop wasting time on strategies that don't work. Implement these 5 tips and start growing that email list.
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Do you have cash flow but never seem to have enough money?

Is your business growing but you’re still stuck in the struggle? Do you always seem to just pull it off each month? Have you bought into the lies and hype that all you need to have a successful business is passion, a dream or a desire? The fact is that businesses are failing at an alarming rate because entrepreneurs are AFRAID, CHEAP and LAZY! You better learn to take the risks or you will have to get a job.

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