Attn: Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
At Last! Generate Qualified Leads Online the Smart Way and 
Turn Them Into Paying Clients
Without Spending All of Your $$$!
Dear Inspired Entrepreneur,

If you want to fill your funnel with online leads, get new clients fast, or if you just want to stop wasting money on social media ads, then this is the most important information you'll read all year!
Here's why...

Because in today's business world, getting new leads online can mean the difference between building a successful business and losing everything!

I had my 1st ever $18,000 Month!

“After working with Michele to create a package deal for my programs and a social media strategy to promote it, I had my 1st ever $18,000 month and it was December of all months. I can't wait to see what this next year holds."
                                                    -Joyce Jagger,
I get it! Your thinking.....
  •  I waste a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next!
  •  It feels like I work 24/7 but can't get traction!
  •  I feel like I would make more money working less hours at Walmart!
  •  I have been trying to figure out how to generate leads online. It isn't working!
  •  If something happened to me - my business would close!
I know it’s frustrating and I remember how frustrated I was before I figured out how to generate leads online.

I was spending a lot of time every day on social media and nothing seemed to be happening. I wasn't getting new clients and I definitely wasn't making any money. 
The Problem is NOT You...
the problem is that you haven't been 
taught how to attract the right people online who will become paying clients.
"Content Marketing creates 3x's More Leads than traditional marketing and cost 62% less."
-Demand Metric

Understanding the process will bring you consistent leads which will allow your business to grow, giving you more time and focus to provide a better transformation for your clients. I want to help you do that. 
My name is Michele Scism and I'm an expert on getting new qualified leads and turning them into paying clients
My coaching business has generated over $4 Million since starting in 2010 using online strategies that got me visibility, built my credibility and filled my programs. As a successful business strategist I teach my clients how to do the same thing using the most powerful online tools that are unbelievably inexpensive!
Think about this, when I started Decisive Minds in January of 2010, I was a complete unknown in the Business Coaching industry – I had owned a trucking company for 25 years (which I sold in 2007 for $9 Million). 
By using the skills I learned as a lifelong entrepreneur, I was bringing in six figures of revenue by my second year. People wondered how I got so far, so fast… the answer is simple… 
I took my 40 years of business knowledge from the offline world and figured out how to use those strategies online to attract qualified clients!
Now, I Can Help YOU Do This!
Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what my clients have to say:

From 800 Facebook Fans to 2000 in 3 Months!

“Michele’s advice took me from 800 Facebook fans to 2000 in a mere 3+ months! Plus her strategies have been integral to our engagement rates, which frequently top 10% (industry average is 2%). And she’s so fun to talk to. Thanks Michele, for helping me get clear on what we were doing.”
                                                                       -Terri Zwierzynski,

Michele Helped Me Make & 
Execute a Successful Plan!

“Michele is all about the plan -- she has said to me "if you know where you want to go all you need is a plan." I told her a little over a year ago that I wanted to make 250k a year and my revenue for this year is 300k -- she helped me make and execute a successful plan!"
                                             -Valorie Hubbard,
WARNING: Every minute you wait 
to start getting qualified leads online, 
is another minute those leads find 
your competition!
Would you like to know how you can have people qualify themselves as your ideal clients online...

And at the same time support a worthy cause!

Recently my grand-daughter Zoey was born 3 months premature. It was an eye opening experience to say the least-70 days in the NICU.
Thank goodness Zoey had the most amazing NICU Nurses & Doctors.
I had no idea what the parents and care-givers of preemies go through. Over those 70 days I saw many babies come and go, and heard the stories of many families that weren't sure what their future was going to hold. 

As an entrepreneur, we have the ability to make a difference and I hope you will support me in making a difference for these families.  
Here's my plan....
I am going to teach YOU how to get qualified leads online & turn them into paying clients!
YOU are going to pay $97 for the training & 
100% profit will go to a charity for preemies!
From Lead Generation to Paying Client
From Lead Generation to Paying Clients  is a video class during which I will teach YOU, how to implement the Decisive Minds Method to help you generate qualified leads online and then turn those leads into paying clients for your business! 

Imagine having a business that consistently makes money and is making a huge difference in the lives of your clients. At the same time it allows you to spend time with your family or travel or garden or relax - what ever it is for you. 

You can do just that when you have a systematic and complete plan to bring clients and cash flow into your business, and you can finally stop worrying "if, when, and how much" your clients are going to pay you.

My clients pay me thousands to get this information and I am making it available to you at a majorly reduced price because I want to SUPPORT the families of preemies!
I would like to personally invite you.....
to help me Fight For Preemies and at the same time Start Getting New Clients! 
REQUEST your copy of the training videos NOW! 
*We are in Pre-Sale! These videos will be sent to you on July 24th!

50% Increase in Client Base in Only 9 Months!

“My biggest take away from Michele’s coaching in sales was the 15 minutes dedicated daily to calls. Each day I set aside 15 minutes to connect with possible clients and set up strategy calls. This has increased my client base by 50% in the first 9 months! Like Michele says – it’s a numbers game – so get your numbers up and make the sales. It’s that easy!”
                                                           -Debbie Elder, Set Them Up For Success
The Entire Training Video Series
is Yours For Only $97
100% of the profits from this event will go to a charity to support families of preemies!
Here is Just a Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get...
Small business planning
You'll discover exactly how to get fresh qualified leads who are ready to be paying clients!
Small Business Marketing
You'll understand exactly why online lead generation is 10x's less expensive - and exactly how to keep it that way!
Small Business Marketing
You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST entrepreneurs and go right to getting new clients!
Small Business Marketing
You'll know exactly how to create online funnels and email campaigns that turn leads into paying clients (even if you don't think you can write)!
Small Business Marketing
You'll have a much easier time filling your programs when you attract the right 
prospects to begin with!
Online Lead Generation is 
10X's Less Expensive!
According to, the average offline lead costs $250 to $300 while the average online lead costs $25 to $30! Why? Online lead generation filters out the majority of unqualified leads because it can be 
much more targeted than offline marketing.
  • Imagine how good you will feel about yourself and your business when you have a consistent flow of qualified leads.
  • Imagine all the extra $$$ you'll have in your bank account when your business has an abundance of paying clients.
  • Imagine how it will feel to tell your family and friends that your business is successful and profitable.
The Entire Training Video Series
is Yours For Only $97
100% of the profits from this event will go to a charity to support families of preemies!
So here is the bottom line with the
From Lead Generation to Paying Clients
This Video Training.... 
*Will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish! 

*You get all the insider-only instructions on how to generate the perfect leads online to help you get and keep paying clients!

This is the exact blueprint I use to build my business.
I would like to personally invite you.....
to help me Fight For Preemies and at the same time Start Getting New Clients! 
REQUEST your copy of the training videos NOW! 
*We are in Pre-Sale! These videos will be sent to you on July 24th!
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More 
With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Decisive Follow Up System

Bonus #1:  Decisive Follow Up Formula
27 Ways to Use Content to Get Sales
You have spent the time to get them on your list, now what? Converting them to paying clients requires a follow up strategy that starts with great content. But what, EXACTLY, should you send to your list? Here are 27 different ideas to get you started.   (Value $197)
Decisive Swipe File
Bonus #2:  Decisive Swipe File
20 Opening Paragraphs & 20 Closing Paragraphs
Do you have a hard time figuring out how to get started with your blog posts or emails? How about figuring out how to wrap it up with a call to action? This e-book contains 20 different opening paragraphs and 20 different closing paragraphs. (Value $197)
Bonus #3:  Social Media Success Bundle
8 Social Media Planners, Schedulers & Calendars
Stop wasting your time and money on social media. The bundle includes The LinkedIn Planner, The Instagram Planner, Facebook Post Blueprint, 10 Facebook Conversation Starts and much more. You will finally have a social media strategy that converts to new clients. (Value $197)
Total Bonus Value = $591

How To Information!

“Michele is one of the best business coaches I have ever come across. She is precise and to the point and gives "how to information" so that you can get up and going within a few days.”
                                                                                                  -Terri Fringer, Terri's Interior Solutions
The Entire Training Video Series
is Yours For Only $97
100% of the profits from this event will go to a charity to support families of preemies!
NOTE: Guarantee
At Decisive Minds we usually offer a money back guarantee for our programs, however, because "From Lead Generation to Paying Clients" is a fundraising event to benefit family support for parents of preemies the there will be no refunds of any kind. All proceeds are being sent to the charities for preemies!
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