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My Day with BSOS

By Michele Scism
The Results Lady

I know what your thinking!  What is BSOS?  It is Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and man do I have a bad case of it today!

You know usually I write posts about online marketing, blogging or how to get new clients but today I just felt like telling you about my crazy day!  You know even this post is a result of my BSOS.

I am not supposed to be writing a post right now I am supposed to be responding to emails but an email led me to LinkedIn and that lead me to a blog post that someone wrote and that led me to searching online for a new camera. Then I stopped and thought “Oh this is a great idea for a blog post” and here I am.

The sad thing is it’s 10PM and I have been repeating this pattern since 10AM.

Something funny – I actually read a post by one of my friends Nancy Hagan today that talked about not multitasking and trying to stay on focus.  LOL

Have you ever felt like your day was just a cruel joke?

Good news – I did have a fabulous mid-month call with Michelle Shaeffer and my fellow Ultimate Blog Challenge members today!  At this moment I am just excited that I was able to dial in the number without getting totally side-tracked!

CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?  I think I just need to go to bed.


Well that was going to be the end of the post but then something happened that I thought you would enjoy.  Before I post I always do a preview and re-read and verify that my links work.  So I clicked on Michelle’s link above and after a few minutes I realized I was reading her blog posts and had already retweeted the first one and was moving to another.

I really need an intervention!

  1. Michele,

    I wrote about the BSOS in my blog today too. I believe it’s common among creative people. It can certainly lead to some interesting adventures, but the key is having the discipline to stop yourself before you go too far.

    Your day sounds like my typical ones although today I was more productive because I pulled myself back from the edge.

    If you’re looking for intervention help, you won’t find it here among us bloggers. We’re in the same boat.

    • Flora that is so funny! I guess great minds think a like. I am bound and determined to have a more productive day today. I have 4 appointments and have to get some work done on my upcoming TeleSummit. You are definitely right about creative people sharing this problem but maybe that is what makes us creative! Thanks, Michele

  2. I feel for you, Michele. I suffer from the same syndrome. I am pretty sure I was doing something totally unrelated and here I am, commenting. Now what was it I needed to be doing again?

  3. My buddy, @Bobby Medina, calls that “look, a squirrel!” I can really relate…

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