Build a Business that Makes A Difference

Dear Entrepreneur,


In order to build a business that makes a difference, to touch peoples lives and change the world we must do something others aren’t willing to do.

We need to become “Real” entrepreneurs.

Becoming a real entrepreneur means we have to be different. Entrepreneurship is an exclusive game, and we have to not only do what it takes to play, but do what it takes to win.

Talent and passion are great and necessary, but THEY AREN’T ENOUGH! With a commitment and dedication to analysis, financial planning, sales and accountability, anything is possible.

Leaving a legacy is more than just leaving a business to your kids, or being remembered by your family and friends.

It is about building something that makes a change in your family, your community and your world. It is about… something bigger than yourself. It’s about building a business that is a vehicle for change, a business that doesn’t just shape your life, but shapes others as well. You can create something that stands the test of time. That lives on without you. That can make money when you aren’t running it.

That is what it means to leave a legacy.

And to do this, you must have the courage to take a stand for the change you envision and the fearlessness to take the actions necessary to create something that is bigger than you.

To build a business that makes a difference.


So you have the talent and passion but how does that turn into a business that makes a difference? The missing piece is the strategy and guess what – strategy is learned. Your opportunity to learn the strategy is at Michele Scism’s LEGACY Live Event.

This event is more than informative. It is transformative.

You’ll leave the event with a customized, clear plan of action that will help you build an audience and leverage that audience into profit, so that you create more than a successful business, you create a lasting legacy. A legacy where your purpose and passion touches the world.


  • What do you want to leave behind?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • Will your life and your work make a difference in this world?

A Legacy business is a vehicle for your ideal life, and the Legacy event is like nothing you have ever taken a part of. This event isn’t about sitting in a room taking notes. It’s about taking ACTION. And having fun while we do it.


This is a can’t miss event. We are so confident you will love it that we have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with $500 in travel expenses reimbursed if after participating in the entire 1st day you aren’t thrilled with what you are learning.


Your Host,
CEO of Decisive Minds,

Michele Scism


_michelepi-485Michele Scism has built multimillion dollar businesses her whole life. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, business is literally in her blood. She helped turn her family trucking business into a multimillion dollar company, despite seriously trying economic times.

Entrepreneurship is an exclusive game. Now, as the Founder and CEO of Decisive Minds, she helps business owners play big and build REAL businesses that make a difference.

With a detailed, and actionable approach to building business, with a loving touch she will show you the strategies used in marketing, pricing, revenue projection, sales and more!


Note From Michele

I want to share a personal story with you. A story which will shed some light on to why this idea of LEGACY isn’t really an idea at all. At least not to me. It’s the path to live a life of significance.

In June of 2014, my father had an accident in his yard and passed away unexpectedly at the age of 72. He was the definition of a serial entrepreneur and I was blessed to spend a lifetime at the coat tails of his brilliance (although there were times I didn’t think I was blessed). A lot of the time what my dad touched turned to gold. And that’s the image people have of the successful entrepreneur. Someone who makes all the right moves, at all the right times.

That simply isn’t true.




Business is a messy and challenging journey and there is no road map.

Over the years I watched my dad pull off what I considered to be miracles in business – times when we were on the edge of losing everything, and then he would do what real entrepreneurs do best – dig deep, get creative, and pull off what seemed to be a miracle.

dad2But they weren’t miracles. They were strategic plans. I worked by his side for years but it was not until his death that I became acutely aware of how we built businesses that could withstand the test of time. He knew. But I didn’t. His wisdom was pragmatic.

“You don’t own a REAL business unless you can walk away from it and it still makes money.”

I would hear that one every year as we climbed into our RV to travel the country on family vacations.

When he passed away, I listened in amazement as person after person walked up to me and said “Your dad gave me my first job” or “Your dad helped me fund my first business” or “Your dad taught me how to fish.”

He left a legacy. A REAL Legacy. He touched people’s lives, gave people opportunity, and left behind businesses that didn’t skip a beat.

At the same time there was another woman in my home town that passed away. She owned a day spa that had been in operation for about 25 years. About a week after my dad’s passing I drove by her spa. There was a “For Sale” sign on the building. The business was gone. She had spent 25 years of her life building and nurturing this business but she did not create something that had the foundation to be continued without her.

She built a business, but not a legacy.

I tell you this because I want you to really ask yourself, what type of entrepreneur do you want to be? What do you want to create that changes your family, your community, the whole world? What do you want to be remembered for?

If you want to build something bigger than yourself, something that makes a difference… if you want to learn the strategy behind legacy building, then I welcome you to join me at LEGACY Live. Build a business that makes a difference.

I truly hope to see you there!


Come Prepared To Implement

I despise events that are nothing but preaching. An event where someone is sharing their origin story so they can celebrate how awesome they or their business are without any tangible or meaningful work being done.

We won’t be doing that.

Building a legacy requires decision making and action taking! And that is exactly what we are going to do.

The event is broken down into 7 stages. Each stage focuses on a critical aspect needed to build a Legacy business.


Here Is What You Can Expect:

1. Be Known for Something

You have to differentiate yourself. What is it that makes you special, different and valuable? You will learn how to position your brand in the most effective and authentic way possible.

2. Visibility and Credibility

Marketing visibility and automation are scary when you don’t know how to handle them. But when you master these principles, they are powerful weapons at your disposal. Learn how to build visibility and credibility so that they work for you, not against you.

3. Consistent Cash Flow

Cash is king. Without it your business isn’t a business at all. It’s a hobby. I’ll show you the strategies needed so that cash flow is consistent, allowing you to reinvest in your business and enjoy your life in the meantime.

4. Creation of Systems and Processes Needed for Growth

As your business grows, you need systems and processes in place so that your team stay focused, know what is expected of them, and so that your customer experience is streamlined and amazing. Many businesses break down at this crucial phase. Don’t be one of them.

5. Leveraging

You can’t grow rich unless you make money while sleeping. Leveraging your products, services, and people is how your business makes the leap to a true money making machine.

6. Free “Me” Plan

Your time is incredibly valuable. As the business grows, your team becomes more and more important. This step focuses on developing a plan to get you out of the day-to-day grind so you can focus on the big picture, and executive strategy instead of the day-to-day operations.

7. Stabilization and Exit Plan

This is when your business officially becomes a legacy business. When your business is stable, profitable, and can run without you is when you have built a legacy business. Learn how to make your business a true Legacy business so that you can hire a CEO to run it for you, sell the business, or continue profiting from a business that has been built for the long haul.

These seven areas of focus are specifically designed so you can walk away from LEGACY Live with a clear plan to build your LEGACY business, no matter where you are currently in your business’s growth.

All Attendees will leave the event with:

LEGACY Marketing Plan:

Let’s get your name out there in a bigger, better way.

LEGACY Sales Strategy:

How do we talk about what you sell?? How do we position it? And how many sales do we need/want? The strategy you want, tailored to your needs.

LEGACY Revenue Plan:

Your business runs on cold hard cash. It’s the blood of the beast. Let’s dive into your numbers and make them bigger.



Conversion Calculator: You will get clear on what to expect at each point in the conversion process. This calculation method that will simplify your sales strategy and marketing efforts.

Inverted Funnel
: What if you could bring new clients directly into your higher level programs? That is probably the opposite of what you have been told – they need to come in and work their way up your funnel. Would you rather work with 5 clients at $10,000 each or 1000 clients at $50?

Conversion Log
: Our patented follow up system so that money doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Who this event is for:


  Entrepreneurs and business owners in service based industries.
  People who want grow their market while charging more.
   Business owners who want to earn more leveraged income.
   People who want to make amazing business connections.
   Entrepreneurs who want more consistent, steady cash flow.
   Entrepreneurs who want to build something bigger than themselves. Who want to build a LEGACY.




Who this event is not for:

 People who believe you can build a business behind a computer.
 People who don’t want to pick up the phone.
 People content with the status quo.
  Entrepreneurs who aren’t only giving their business 100% of their being.
 People who enjoy talking more than doing.
 Complainers and those who are UNCOACHABLE!



It’s easy to see why Michele chooses Houston, TX as the location for her LEGACY Live event. In July of 2014, Business Insider named it the #1 city in America for doing business. It is #1 in job creation, 26 Fortune 500 companies call Houston home, a paycheck goes further in Houston than any other major metropolitan area, it has amazing food and a thriving cultural scene and hosts the largest rodeo in the world.

Where will the event be?

DoubleTree by Hilton – Greenway Plaza
6 Greenway Plaza
Houston, TX 77046
Hotel: 713-629-1200
Reservations: 713-850-2327

Special LEGACY Live rate: $129/night
(Plus a warm chocolate chip cookie)

To receive your discounted rate, please request the LEGACY Group Block (Reservations 713-850-2327). Should you wish to extend your stay, rooms are also available 3 days prior to the event and the 3 days after the event at the group rate.

We recommend booking your flight to arrive at least the day or evening prior, so that you can be well rested and ready for the event.

You can also preview the hotel and make reservations on the web by clicking here.

Airports and Transportation

The hotel is located:

– 20 minutes from Hobby Airport

 Transportation options:

– Super Shuttle typically charges $19.00
– Taxi typically charges $35.00


– 30 minutes from Houston Intercontinental Airport

Transportation options:

– Super Shuttle typically charges $24.00
– Taxi typically charges $55.00



Just like everything else at the LEGACY Live event, the resources and opportunities are a cut above.

What Michele realized really early in her business is that it works best when you focus on what you do best and bring in others who are best at what they do. This is your opportunity to meet new team members, new joint venture partners and expand your knowledge about what resources are available out there.



(All times are subject to change)

Thursday Sept 10, 2015
Registration: 8am to 9am
General Session: 9am to 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm to 2pm
General Session: 2pm to 6pm
VIP PARTY: 6pm to 8pm
REAL Business Blitz: 9pm to 10pm

Friday Sept 11, 2015
Registration: 8am to 9am
General Session: 9am to 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm to 2pm
General Session: 2pm to 6pm
Private Mastermind
(All Access Only): 8pm to 9:30pm

Saturday Sept 12, 2015
General Session: 9am to 12:30pm

Lunch: 12:30pm to 2:30pm
General Session: 2:30pm to 6pm



Register or UPGRADE to All Access

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Got questions? We are happy to answer them. Contact us by either calling or emailing and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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