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The Four F words that you need for a fantastic business!

Last week, I wrote a newsletter article on using the F-word in business.   Within 15 minutes of sending the e-mail out, I got a response from Lynn Ruby that she has just published an article on a different F-word.  Here’s a link to her excellent post on why failure is important in your business.

What I realized from this is that ideas have a life of their own  — so multiple people end up writing about the same thing at the same time.  When those ideas come to the surface – don’t avoid writing about it – take advantage of the momentum.

The second thing I realized is that there are many F words that are important to your business. Here are Four F words that I think are important.

The Fabulous Four F Words for Business Success

1. Focus As I said, last week, Focus is my favorite business F-word.   So many entrepreneurs are all over the place. In order to succeed,  you need to channel your efforts.  A river has a much stronger current than a lake because it has boundaries.

2. Follow Up This is key.  The average person needs to see a message 9 to 11 times before it “sticks”.  Most people offer once or twice and then give up.  This is a tough one to get used to.  But, by not “bugging people”, you are actually not helping them because chances are they didn’t even see your message the first time.

3. Failure  Did you that when you exercise you tear apart your muscles?  When the tiny tears heal, your muscles become bigger and you are stronger.  Success is like a muscle.  You need to fail (tear apart the muscle) in order to get stronger. Every time you fail, you learn and improve.

4. Friends  One of the things I love the most about social media marketing is that collaboration wins over competition every time.  The more friends that you make, the easier it is to build your audience (and your profits).   Building friendships and relationships is the number one way to build a successful business.

Are there any F’s that I missed.  Please leave them in the comments section.

  1. F-Faithful, every business man must be faithful to their promises, what they promise to do must be be done at the right time.

  2. These are great words. Today I did a blog borrowing a marketing expert’s 7 C’s To Success in which he uses C-words. Must be a day for words.

  3. “Fun” is another good F-word for me. It’s nice to remember that both you and your clients can actually have fun at work. And if you enjoy what you do, so do others. This can certainly be key to the success of your service or product.

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